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PDD stands for Pervasive Developmental Disorder and it is NOT mental retardation(which is defined by a person's IQ, and most people with autism have a HIGH IQ that is masked by their symptoms!).

It is a form of autism like Asperger's disorder.
Susie was diagnosed with PDD when she was three.
#pervasive developmental disorder #pdd #autism #aspie #asperger's
作者 Cyndi H. 2006年4月17日
PDD or "Privilege Denying Dude," an internet meme used to make fun of privilege deniers or people who fail to understand privilege or examples of privilege, like rape culture or dysphoria.

In this case, "privilege" is defined as a set of advantages given to groups considered the majority within society. (In the US, some examples are white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege, cisgender privilege, able-bodied privilege, and neurotypical privilege.) Someone who denies privilege usually fails to understand it, feels guilt or anger towards its existence, thinks that it refutes their accomplishments, or blames its existence on the unprivileged group.
The one good thing I'm getting out of this conversation is that I can probably get it put on the PDD blog.
#privilege #privilege denying #assholes #white trash #racists #sexists
作者 Raibean 2011年7月24日
Post Drinking Depression (PDD) occurs upon waking up the day after heavy drinking and is usually accompanied by an extreme hangover. PDD symptoms include, but are not limited to, anxiety, depression, regret, embarrassment, uncontrollable emotions, and the need for isolation. A cure for PDD has yet to be developed, but symptoms can be masked by rapid consumption of alcoholic beverages; however, this will cause PDD symptoms to exponentially worsen when drinking subsides.
I have PDD and can't show my face in public today - I may or may not have done something really bad last night...
#alcoholism #anxiety #depression #stimulants #awesome
作者 KVGator 2010年9月27日
A disease that stands for Post Danny Depression, it usually affects fans of AI season 7 contestant Danny.
I was diagnosed with P.D.D
#p.d.d #danny #noriega #american idol #season 7
作者 magic cow that rides turtle 2008年4月12日
Public Display of Dick Sucking. When a female or male like to give oral sex to a penis in a public setting.
She loves PDDS. Ha, walks in the park are the best!
#dick sucking #blowjob #public #affection #display #pdds #pda
作者 MedievalMousePad 2011年11月29日
Pre Dinner Drink
Lets go for PDDs at that awesome bar
#alcohol #pre dinner #drink #booze #cocktail
作者 jonnym 2010年10月19日
Post Drinking Depression
1) A low feeling after a night of heavy binge drinking.

2) Used when reffering to saying or doing something regrettable while in an intoxicated state. "Oh my god i have got pdd, i was sick on the bar"
#drinking #binging #depression #alcohol #regret #embarrassment
作者 Little Jimmy Jamie 2009年7月30日


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