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To examine or study.
Mary-Jo perused the contract before she signed it.
作者 Larstait 2003年11月07日
The act of a person or small group of people travelling somewhere, often by foot, without a distinct purpose other than having fun.
Alana is going for a peruse, does anyone want to join her?
作者 Original Greg 2005年8月24日
One of the most overused words in modern english. Typically used by snobs trying to sound more intelligent than they really are. It simply means to review, usually with great care.
Peruse just means to review, you snob.
作者 derek20cali 2005年7月11日
what you're doing to this definition
peruse my definition list and vote thumbs down on all the words on the first page. Or better still, don't.
作者 Kung-Fu Jesus 2004年6月07日


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