1. To take easily, without force or additional coaxing.

Ant: Thugged
Duquila just gave me 'bout $3.50 (tree fiddy) when I asked her.

I pimped Duquilas's tree fiddy.
作者 Happy 2005年3月10日
Top Definition
1. To utterly destroy your competition
2. To be way tight and decked out in expensive stuff.
1. Dude, you just got pimped.
2. Man that Escalade is totally pimped out! Look at those rims.
作者 nate dogg 2004年5月07日
When an attending/resident/intern asks specific questions about medicine, to the point where the lower rank (usually med student) no longer can answer the question.
My attending is a jerk, he pimped me for about 30 minutes on kidney disease.


I got pimped on rounds today…damn I got to study more!
#pimped #pimpped #pimmped #pimpeed #ppimped
作者 Sig6 2010年9月07日
to have been used and abused
You've been pimped and don't even know it!
作者 Christian 2005年3月08日
To go all out on in a fashion manner.
whoah that dude got himself all pimped out in the black and pink.
作者 Suggasugga 2004年10月16日
To get stood up by someone, or when someone doesn't go through with what they said they would do. A no-show.

"I flew all the way to California to stay with someone because they invited me, but they pimped me at the last minute."
#stood up #rejection #call off #don't go through #no-show
作者 nightdancer342 2008年10月23日
Term used to describe what happens to a hard-working, exploited, hapless worker-bee that works for a large corporation that has more managers than workers. Companies are often large-scale manufacturing, retail, and food service giants. Examples are Wal Mart, Aramark, and Sodexo.
#exploited #hapless #worker-bee #corporation #manufacturing
作者 waspcoloredstain 2013年6月13日
To be totally and completely excited and psyched about an upcoming event
I'm just so pimped about that new My Chemical Romance album!!
#psyched #excited #event #and #i'm #just
作者 Catard 2010年9月11日


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