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to disrespect and give attitude to someone who deserves it
Anita: "He wants to know about the textbooks."
Josie: "Mannn he's such a loser! Piss on him!!!"
#diss #p0wn #bitch #piss on him #piss on her #piss on them
作者 AnitaBonita!! 2006年9月07日
it means not giving a damn about someone or something.

also means that you're better than another person.
man, I piss on that little Wap, he's not even worth my time.
作者 KRHimself 2004年8月02日
To approach and annoy or harass, the opposite of when someone pisses off.
"Shit, I think John's about to piss on."
"Let's split, I hate that douchebag."
#piss off #annoy #douchebag #harass #douche
作者 HoboAC 2008年2月26日
Stupid little pissons.
Go from being the shit to a pisson.
#piss on #piss #on #pisson #pissy
作者 b-rad an shaslob 2009年12月26日
For one thing to be excessively superior to something else, usually used to compare two similar things like computer games or bands of the same genre.
作者 do I have to put something here? 2005年5月20日
When a male wakes up in the middle of the night having to piss so bad that it looks like a boner. Sometimes it is rather difficult to actually piss with a piss on, but it is extremely effective for holding a nut.
Damn, I woke up last night with the biggest piss on. Then, I screwed my girl for an hour without busting my nut.
#hard on #boner #wood #woody #hard
作者 Micah A. 2008年5月03日
The act of getting intentionally obliterated by alcohol in pursuit of a good time. More thorough than "going out for drinks" - you know damned well you won't be driving home from a proper piss-on.
Girl: "Why did Larry just drop his keys in the fish tank?"

Guy: "He's been looking forward to this party all week - he pegged it as a piss-on on Wednesday!"
作者 The Evil Steve 2005年8月05日


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