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A satire, parody, or mockery.
"Look at this scary fundamentalist Web site. I can't believe that anyone would say such things and mean them." "They don't. It's obviously a pisstake."
作者 Doctor Whom 2005年11月15日
Why don't you find that song funny? It's clearly a piss take.
作者 bungybob 2006年5月07日
A word used to describe something that was so utterly poor or pathetic that its just a total joke
That test we did was a pisstake
Havin a fight with yous a pisstake mate
作者 gandy $0 2005年5月03日
An adjective describing something which is ridiculously easy.
That exam was a pisstake.
作者 Furtzy 2010年4月28日
Pisstake has become a common word of description in south Manchester for something that is of quality.
"Checkout da new bud dude!"
作者 RyanFrancis 2004年6月21日


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