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Old school NYC graffiti wrter that dominated the scene in thelate 70's and early 80's
Pjay had the 2's and the 5's on smash back in the day
作者 fesitw 2006年9月30日
the art of being
a little wild man and skater...
and kan kick butt if hungry.
a type of lifestyle
i want to be a Pjay and stick to it.
作者 Simtonimous 2007年6月14日
a very creative individual who eats 24/7 and who plays soccer and always knocks people down.
Woah Billy, you see that girl on the field over there, knocking everyone over?

Yeah I see her, she's a Pjay!
作者 yourstepsistersboyfriend 2011年6月18日
Extreme l337ness
Pjay is so damn l337 he owns all others
作者 Joe 2003年2月19日
pjay is a tard
作者 pjay 2003年2月19日



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