Top Definition
to fall from a high level or position
Prices have plummeted.
#fall #got down #plunge #rise #get high
作者 English_dictionary 2013年1月05日
when a person jumps from a height of minimum 2 stories
Levi told Jeff to plummet when he broke the overhead in chem. class.
作者 the Chemistry kid 2004年5月06日
to fall really fast straight down
susie just plummeted off that building and is laying in a bloody mass over there
作者 SN 2003年8月04日
jumping into the creek from a rope and yelling plummet! at the same time
1..2..3..PLUMMET! *splashhhh*
#swimming #swim #splash #creek #river
作者 ReneeIsMe 2006年3月21日


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