hot, in style, popular
"damn, that song was poppin' back in the day"
作者 andre 2003年5月28日
To take drugs in the form of a pill(s), usually used when taking many of the pills.
I got 20 Xanex so I'ma start poppin em.
作者 McCallbear 2009年4月06日
shooting someone
They came ova here an started POPPIN at us!
作者 chubby's wifey 2009年7月28日
A dance made up of the contraction of certain muscles to the beat of music combined with isolation movements performed to funk music. Popping as an umbrella term for Popping, Boogalooing, Strutting, Sac'n, Open Hand, ZigZag, Twisto-flex, Ticking, Waving, Snaking, Backslide, moonwalk, etc...
How many poppers will be poppin' at this year Poppin' event.
作者 spacecapital 2006年4月17日
As in Mary in perfect. Someone who is prim, proper, polite, a perfect houskeeper.
Her house is so poppins...or are you daughter of Poppins?
作者 Mr. Pfeiffer 2006年1月10日
it's when somethings cool or hot. it's also when somethings crunk or theres a lot of good stuff goin on
that party was poppin'!
is there something poppin' ova there tonight?
作者 Shivani 2005年3月25日
Something fun going on.
What's poppin'? There's a party an what's her names crib.
作者 Fire 2003年10月09日



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