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To serve time in prison.
He done his porridge, he's a reformed man now.
作者 Wise Man 2003年10月02日
A mushy substance made by boiling corn flour, oats, or other grain food. Usually eaten as a breakfast product.
Porridge tastes better than corn grits.
作者 AYB 2003年3月19日
When something is just right.
"How was your steak last night?"
"it was porridge"

"how was that girl last night?"
"she was porridge"
作者 thatkidfromlondon 2012年9月09日
Denotes any item or idea that is "just right." References Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as in "Not too hot, not too cold, but just right."
"How does that shirt fit?"

"It's porridge, man, totally porridge."
作者 the business of slang 2013年12月02日
Porridge can mean good or bad but mostly good.
- " you look really porridge today"
作者 xxxxHannahxxxx 2009年3月10日


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