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A heinous, but useful microsoft tool for putting together presentations of slides/viewgraphs.
This little piece of sh -- I mean, software comes with MS Office and it features creepy templates and clipart, your helpful friend Clippit and strategic incompatibilities with previous versions of itself.
It masquerades as a graphics program, but cannot touch Adobe in any way shape or form, so it is instead as annoyingly incompatible with Adobe as possible.
Also, it will HOG all your SWAP SPACE.
Person: Instead of doing real technical work, I spent all day making powerpoint slides out of my results, only to have the software freeze my computer after a few hours.
#microsoft #power point #office #computer #slides #viewgraphs
作者 creaternity 2006年5月02日
A sad little slideshow program that makes it look like you're not reading a text during an oral presentation as much.
Wow! He memorized the entire text! The PowerPoint was for OUR benefit, not his!
#a power point #a powerpoint #power point #powerpoint presentation #slideshow
作者 MarComiX 2009年3月05日
A device used for presenting specific projects in a class which requires very little work and just copy-and-pasted Wikipedia information.
That douchebag just made a powerpoint on Saturn because he has no brain.
#wikipedia #saturn #douchebag #no brain #projects
作者 kierstenvelope 2008年9月03日
To point at an individual with a foam finger
Yes I see that cheerleader on the field, but would you stop with the powerpoint, everyone knows you are gawking.
#call-out #highlight #powerpoint #notice #identify #powerpointing #point-out
作者 Stoolie 2013年9月05日
The abbreviation for Microsoft PowerPoint or PPT. PPT is an acronym for Pretty Perky Titties. Therefore PowerPoint is another name for Pretty Perky Titties
Aye, bro look at those PowerPoints!
#tits #perky #boobs #nipples #tatas
作者 mbe 2013年4月18日
persons of an Asian persuasion
Bloody powerpoints run all the 7-11's
作者 aussie bob 2005年3月03日


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