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The best gameshow EVER!
Everyone except complete idiots love the price is right!
作者 rapsux 2005年3月15日
A game show from the 70's that everyone watches when they stay home sick, because its on every other channel.
Jim:"where were you today"

Bob:"oh i was sick and watched the price is right all day"
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作者 anndreww 2007年3月31日
A douchebag tactic where an individual has an original idea, thought, etc. and then another individual takes that idea and adds something very marginal to it, and gets the glory for said idea as in the Price is Right gameshow where a bidder adds only $1 to another person's bid to win the right to go onstage.
My widget idea in the meeting was brilliant and Jim Bob price-is-righted me by saying the color should be red and the boss loved him for it.
#douchebag #price is right #sycophant #weasel #parasite
作者 badlieut 2009年4月16日
1. A TV game show hosted by Bob Barker

2. The theme music of the game show is used by Bubba the Love Sponge to cover up something private being said that they don't want to reach the air waves. They will play the music and discuss something off air that we can't hear so that there is no dead spots in the show.
"Hold on Brent, I've got to give you the inside iggy on this", (theme music for the price-is-right plays)
#price is right #the price is right #bob barker #come on down! #bubba
作者 Tomdammit 2006年2月21日
A gameshow old people watch
My grandma cant miss one show of the Price is Right.
作者 Kikaider 2003年6月27日


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