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A thinly rolled cigerette or joint.
The racehorse I had last night at the party blew me away.

Roll me up a racehorse and pass it up to me.
作者 MAD ANGEL 2005年8月12日
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a beautiful & attractive woman
Damn, look at that racehorse, isn't she fine
作者 tuffpuff 2008年2月19日
A person who entertains others by doing ridiculous things upon their request; a puppet.
"Hey Alexander Badgley, do that funny looking dance you do."
"No! I'm not your racehorse!"
作者 Clammyhands 2007年8月12日
This is pretty much a hybird of a "Snow Mobile" and a "Hot Carl" first and foremost, when doing a your partner from behind, you knock their front arms and ride them on their face, much like a "Snow Mobile" but in this case, you take a tube sock full of poo poo, and whip your partner with it, kind of like how a jockey rides a Race Horse. YA! YA! YA!
Hey baby, you mind if we play Kentucky Durby? I'll be the jocky, and you'll be the "Race Horse"
作者 revenkai 2006年10月10日
an animal that really really has to pee
Stanley has to pee like a race horse.
作者 sudinam 2014年9月25日



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