To shoplift or steal.
Look at all this shit i racked from the servo.

Look at that shitcunt he cant rack for shit.

Look at him go he's racking like a champion
作者 Fathead(Steven Kay) Rackmaster 2007年9月24日
A place that is easy to steal from
Lets check out this rack up here, I'm hungry.
作者 Tak0 2003年2月18日
To own a workout machine by lifting all the plates.
I fuckin' racked the bench press like it was nothin'.
作者 redelixir 2003年3月29日
Money in the denomination of thousands.

Big ass tits
How much you pay for those rims. 3 racks.

Look at the rack on that girl.
作者 Mike Broward county 2011年9月30日


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