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A condom, derived from "keeping out the rain" or "keepin my dick dry out of the rain"
Yo bitch that ho sure is dirty, remember your raincoat!
作者 DIM 2003年1月24日
another way to say a condom
"If you're wearing a raincoat get wet motherfucker GET WET!"
"Wearing a condom is like taking a shower in a raincoat"
作者 OGJizzy 2008年2月01日
term that means keep your dick dry! get out dat wetness nigga!
"Hey Jim, its raining outside dont forget your raincoat."
作者 lizzielove 2013年5月21日
also known as tampon
that rain coat saved her from a wet sitiuation.

the rain coat prevented the crimson tide from drowning her guests.
作者 baby seal clubber 2007年3月19日
A sly way of referring to the foreskin on a non circumsized male
"CS # 2, how come all the men we love have raincoats?
作者 Kat 2003年9月26日
when a guy cums all over a girl
He raincoated on me last night up the butt
作者 Jessica 2005年3月16日


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