Called opiate for the masses but how can something that spawns war possibly be considered a Opiate bloody Ironic isnt it
If religion is the Opiate I dont want to find the speed
作者 Wilhelm 2004年2月04日
Early sport. Allowed tribes to form into competing teams for various games (football, polo, Lion-feeding).
1-0 to the Christians! 1-0 to the Christians!

Cheer up Mu-hammed, O what can it be?
You've got a shit religion and a shit football te-am!
作者 Jizz mopper 2003年9月12日
<Insert the worst* insult you can possibly comprehend here>
* Worst as in 'mentally painful', not worst as in 'not particuarly insulting, actually'.
作者 Vinno 2003年8月23日
The biggest propaganda maker since Webster.
I hate Webster.
作者 DasHeaven 2003年7月20日
A cult until enough people join that doesn't necessarily, but may, include the idea of a fixed diety. A modern equivalent of this is known as Pop Culture, or Mainstream.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all lost their religion once they were forced to write about it by a king named James.
作者 radio 2003年11月22日
An escape from cruel reality, something to believe in.
religion is the outlet for the human soul.
作者 Anonymous 2003年11月02日
What nearly every man/woman "finds" in the foxhole.
While in 'nam, I found religion.
作者 love2lindy 2005年3月22日


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