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There is so little respek left in the world, that if you look it up in the dictionary. You'll find that it has been taking out.
Sacha Baren Cohen - "Yo, respek."
作者 Skott 2004年11月10日
see also Ali G.
he fit wicked, innit? respek.
作者 International Bad Boy 2004年9月09日
The way in which Ali G pronounces and spells the word "respect"
pronounced "reh-spehk"
"Dis is none utha than ma' main man John Johnson, yo John..respek"
作者 Lindsey Nickerson 2006年4月23日
a formal acknowledgement, often seen used in the motorcross world of foo foos; the outgreeting of a letter
have a nice day man, respek
fo sho, respek my d-o- double g
作者 Rostipharian Racullian VII 2005年3月30日



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