-a girl who "in it to win it"
-a hit it and quit it kinda bitch who rides dick
-comonly referred to as a hoe/whore
-riders are no good girls who only wanna ride dick and have done so, soooo many times they probably have everystd in the book
tony: woah look at taylor... she is TOO fine

Sara(tony's best friends): she a rider

tony: since when is that a BAD thing

Sara: ... lol you retard
作者 ANTI-rider 2010年6月17日
During the cowboy era, riders were bandits who rode on horses and who had little or no consideration for the general law.
He's a straight rider, you don't want to mess with him.
作者 seosoft 2007年4月12日
a loser in mrs.wilsons 2nd period
Rider is A loser
作者 Dominique emel 2008年10月24日
Someone who acts in an uncool, sometimes homosexual manner
"What an absolute rider"

"Look at those blue sunglasses, he looks like a rider!"
作者 Cherubadub 2009年5月01日
An alcoholic beverage that is consumed in a vehicle while driving.
Then cop dumped out my rider!
作者 SloppyJoe138 2004年6月17日
a person who will agree with whatever you say
Yo, Jay is a rider. He stay wanting to be me.
作者 Yazee 2004年4月12日
A flat out hoe.
Look at that prostitute and her rider boy friend!
作者 God 2003年3月10日


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