A slang term derived from Southern ebonics to express interest or to point out the direction or place where an action is occurring or where there may be someone or something of interest.
"Damn, homey! Lookat that girl right thurr!"
作者 IJM 2003年10月16日
Top Definition
"right there"
"I like the way you do it right thurr"
作者 jamesymobilio 2003年8月23日
right there
look at that girl right thurr!
作者 Humpty 2003年9月27日
The Right Thurr Song from Chingy thats when the ghetto ebonics all started.
"YO G look at that mami right Thurr."
Is is also a slag for english vocabulary. Right There
作者 Rae 2004年3月07日
right thurr
Spread your legs RIGHT THURR
like der like der (hehe)
作者 natezlildork 2003年9月28日
1: saying commonly confused with "retard"
2: saying only a retard would say
3: german saying meaning, "HITLER WILL REIGN ONCE MORE"
4: wuttt awp doggie-doo de shizzle a'ight homey g-unit know what im sayin boi?
i was walking my dog when a man in a veterans costum said to me: "RIGHT THURR damn sonofabitch!" and proceeded to remove my lower extremities
作者 brittany 2004年3月12日


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