Rolling On Floor Laughing Cant Open Penis To Erect Right
Omg Kira you're hilarious! Roflcopter!
作者 DraeBoo 2009年10月24日
The best damn airplane. Ever.
roflcopter is so awesome. FUCKING A!
作者 glacierwolf 2009年7月17日
when bored, people lik to type
roflcopter instead of just rofl
Person 1: dude that guy just fell into the lake
Person 2: roflcopter!!!
Person 1: uhhh...
作者 cycycycycy 2009年3月26日
A feared helicopter that flies around looking for unsuspecting victims. If you are shot by a ROFLCOPTER, you will forever be turned into a blubbering idiot that does nothing but roll on the ground and laugh.

(Search "ROFLCOPTER: The Movie" in search engine)
Tom got shot by a ROFLCOPTER and now all he does is ROFL all day long, just like the kid in "ROFLCOPTER: The Movie"!
作者 Melissa Jordan 2008年4月16日
When you are laughing so hard, that you start to spin in your chair.
Dude, that was so funny, I took a ride in a roflcopter!
作者 PhoenixFire 2007年9月11日
laughing as hard as you possibly can, in word form
you're gay? roflcopter!!
作者 Steven Mansfield 2007年6月23日
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Cos Of Ptolemy's Trademark Eventful Ramblings
Ptolemy: sometimes I let her whip that to far?
Me: No hahahah ROFLCOPTER!
作者 NETMAARDK 2010年4月18日



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