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Fat chicks. Mostly found in the clubs in herds.
Dude, I got wasted and fucked a nice roundie specimen.
作者 TJ Summers 2004年4月29日
What you get when your lady gives you a blowjob while at the carnival on the ferris wheel. She better work quick because you only have one round to get off.
All it took for Jim to get a roundie was slipping the bearded lady an extra 5 and inviting her to the ferris wheel.
作者 Us 3 Wolves 2011年3月18日
An ecstasy pill
"I'm havin a roundie tonight"
作者 MelissaSmith 2008年9月11日
The term for people who believe the Earth is round. see Flat Earth Society.
In 2010 23 planes crashed due to roundie pilots failing to take into account the speed of the earth moving upward.
作者 THorck 2011年10月29日
anything unnatural
Turkey ham that has a round shape is extremely roundie
作者 rounds 2007年11月30日
To drive around aimlessly to waist time on purpose.
Lets smoke this blunt, while we do a roundie around the mall.
作者 Dat Boi P 2007年6月05日


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