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Idiot, Stupid, Moron.

Or "Brother in Law"
When used in a derogatory term:

"I just fucked your sister"
作者 maxRe 2003年8月08日
Punjabi/Indian word for bastard/idiot
Bill Gates is a sala
作者 Kutha 2003年6月11日
brother in law but mostly used for idiots, rascals, assholes etc
lund pe charr raha hai sala.
you are my sala.
作者 pappu samraat 2003年11月10日
The last name of a very hot and awesome guy. Usually has an equally hot brother. A great kisser. Likes bowling, and knows cars. A Salas is very handsome, and on top of that his personality is off the charts. Sweet, funny and sexy. Always a gentleman, a good friend. A boy you will not want your friends to meet, because he is just delicious. Other guys consider a Salas very manly and a definite threat. Can be found all over the world, but usually resides in Alaska or Illinois. A Salas is the guy a girl will always compare other guys to, and a Salas will always come out on top.
-I went out with a Salas last night..
-NO WAY! How was it?
-What are you talking about, it was divine, he is a Salas after all!
#man #sexy #gentleman #dream #best
作者 Hihu 2010年12月12日
Salinas, California. 831. NOR*CAL. Salad Bowl.
I'm from salas, where are you from?
#town #represent #nor*cal #killa4nia #salinas
作者 WSTB 2008年6月17日
The word for when a geometry teacher breaks a meter stick in rage.
My geometry teacher went Salas yesterday!
#geometry #teacher #salas #salsa #salad. education #school
作者 Pony-Wiper 2011年11月19日
A very funny and entertaining beautiful person who dates stupid guys. She is an amazing friend and a great person and she loves cats and she's is one of a kind in a good, unique way
Sala's boyfriend is a stupid man
#beautiful #fun #cat lover #ugly #bitchy
作者 thegrl 2012年4月05日


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