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to schmooz: the act of mingleing, socializing, or kissing ass in or at an event that you may feel less than comfortable.
its been a long night running around here schmoozing with all these strangers.
#mingle #socialize #schmooz #schmooze #schmoozer
作者 russ ven vleer 2009年6月15日
The pointless evening pursuit of kissing important butts to better ones employment prospects.

Networking, not for the purpose of work, but for the purpose of being seen by people you think are more important than yourself (but who are in fact schmoozing themselves through fear of being dropped by some important clique).
"Instead of having an orgy and enjoying it, you must come to the boring project dinner and do some schmoozing with Mr X and Mr Y as it's important they know who you are"
#butt #lick #pointless #orgy #basel
作者 Dr R Swank 2009年1月27日
The art of picking up talent over the internet and talking your way into their bed
I was schmoozing this bird last nite and she invited me round to dangle out her ass
#schmoozing #schmooz #court #internet dating #facebook #myspace #sex #need cock?
作者 sellyourstuffonebaydotcodotuk 2010年2月11日
To be browsing in a fish store, To be looking at fish
We were asked by a sales clerk at The Fish Factory in West Alis,WI "Do you guys need any help? or are you just schmoozing?"
#shmoozing #shmozing #schmozing #smooching #browsing #looking
作者 Elvira 2006年5月14日


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