A scrotum with 0 or 1 testicle inside. See also chach bag.
After Mr. Garrison's vaginoplasty, his scrunch turned into a pussy.

Man, that guy who looks like a caveman is such a little bitch, I bet he has a scrunch.
作者 Probably the Best Beer in the World 2007年4月23日
The combination of a scratch and a punch. A scratch- punch.
Beth kept scrunching and scrunching and scrunching Grace all day on her arm because she could.
作者 FRP 2010年7月03日
Burgers , BK, organised lay, achieved with planning ,and determination.
Numerous scrunch = The Scrunch luncheon
作者 like a little blowjob 2008年4月01日
Another word for scrumping, hunching, boinking, or sexing.
When we're alone, we enjoy scrunching.
作者 Alissa 2003年8月21日
Meaning something is gross or nasty
Yo dude that girl is scrunch af!
作者 ThatGuyNamedTitan 2014年11月17日



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