friend, mate
girl one: hiyaa
girl two: alright shag!
作者 josie.o 2008年9月07日
An affectionate Manx term used when greeting a friend
Bob "Alright Shag?"

Dave "Good Yessir, what's the skeet?"
作者 TWIOM 2008年6月16日
the raddest musician in the world, who uses home equiptment to record music. he will usualy have the best looking girlfriend in the world
"dude! im going to the concert with shags and his girl!"
作者 shags murphy 2008年1月07日
to fuck a girl just for the hell of it. also look at fuck.
Guy1: Darryl shaged 3 girls so far...u think u can compete with him??
Guy2: O man dont worry I been doin ma homework on that facebook i think i can get a shag or two with these fit birds.
Guy1: get it sorted son, get it sorted!!!
作者 ebay88 2007年8月31日
A Tool; Someone who can wack a ball really far and who writes articles.
Sam Shaugnessy
作者 Will Nichols 2003年2月01日
Stating that something is a lie
"You think Tiffany's hot right?"
作者 Keylolo 2008年7月10日
wack to the fullest, lame....a straight up loser so death.
"Dude do you like my new dance, its cool isn't it?
"man you shag
作者 Casha 2008年4月15日



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