N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles.

V: To endorse a romantic relationship.

N: I see a 'ship developing between Rechelle and John Paul.
Ship: Rechelle Medina
作者 grammatika 2015年4月08日
to pair as a couple normally in fan fics.
I ship Cethany!

Bethany Mota and Connor Franta
作者 defineit!! 2013年12月07日
When you're so helplessly in love with two characters that you want them to bring happiness to each other.
"I ship Dean and Cas SO hard!"
作者 DemonofHeaven 2015年6月30日
short for championships
we're going to ships!!
作者 swagmaster__ 2015年2月28日
solo homers in philly or san diego
Manny Ramirez has a very low career SHIPS stat because he has played in the American League for so long.
作者 mantle78 2008年12月20日
to say sh*t in frount of your parents
OH ships!!!
作者 monkeypoo 2003年10月13日
short for worship, used to describe the relationship between two fictional characters, usually in a tv show
example:I know everybody loved LoVe (logan veronica) on Veronica Mars but i kind of shipped veronica and piz because he was so nice and not hiding a deep dark secret
作者 vmarsgilmoregirlstheoc 2011年10月17日



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