Camel of the seas
Due to their ability to carry cargos across vast distances ships are known as the Camels of the Seas...
作者 zenrat 2010年8月05日
N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles.

V: To endorse a romantic relationship.

N: I see a 'ship developing between Rechelle and John Paul.
Ship: Rechelle Medina
作者 grammatika 2015年4月08日
short for championships
we're going to ships!!
作者 swagmaster__ 2015年2月28日
solo homers in philly or san diego
Manny Ramirez has a very low career SHIPS stat because he has played in the American League for so long.
作者 mantle78 2008年12月20日
to say sh*t in frount of your parents
OH ships!!!
作者 monkeypoo 2003年10月13日
short for worship, used to describe the relationship between two fictional characters, usually in a tv show
example:I know everybody loved LoVe (logan veronica) on Veronica Mars but i kind of shipped veronica and piz because he was so nice and not hiding a deep dark secret
作者 vmarsgilmoregirlstheoc 2011年10月17日
Defining someone as a "ship" is the same as calling them fat, as ships are usually quite big objects (just like fat people).
You're such a ship!
What a ship you are!
U ship sir!
作者 MKor 2010年11月23日



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