shit is one of the most popular words in the american dictionary....and this dictionary i suppose. Shit is an word that can be

A. a noun (like pooping, poop, etc)
b. an exclamation (in anger, sadness, happiness, or when something goes horribly wrong)
c. when the word "Holy" is placed on front of it it becomes an expression (like in place of oh my god or something)
d. it can express an amount when "load" is placed after. (an extremely large amount or an extremely small amount)
e. and it can explain 'everything' or 'stuff' in a more expressing way

its most commonly used to make a sentence sound more exciting or more interesting that it normally is. for example.

"the neighbors dog just shit on my lawn"
sounds more interesting than
"the neighbors dog pooped on my lawn"

the word 'crap' can also be used the same way as 'shit' can.
A. gotta go take a shit
B. Shit dude that sucks. or. Shit dude that's awesome!
c. holy shit thats a small ass computer
d. that's a shitload of weed man...
e. you wont believe the shit that happened to me today
#shit #shitting #take a shit #shit a brick #crap
作者 devils advocate 69 2009年1月28日
the brown stuff that comes out of your asshole
look at my shit in that toilet there
#crap #ass #asshole #dung #turd #stench #foul #diarrhea
作者 Thomas78 2007年3月19日
a response to the phrase T.G.I.F. (thanks God its Friday) when it is actually thursday. S.H.I.T. (sorry hon its thursday)
Woman in elevator: *sigh* TGIF
Man in Elevator: S.H.I.T.
Woman looks at him blankly: what did you say?
Man: Sorry Hon its Thursday.
#tgif #s.h.i.t #response #t.g.i.f #thank god it's friday
作者 J.M. Atkins 2008年2月08日
The realy meaning...not making it up...
Store High In Transit. Because they had to mark it on manure when shipping it across seas on ships.
Hey, did you mark S.H.I.T on the poo under deck??
作者 Tammi B. 2005年7月29日
An adjective used by Jim Lahey from the show Trailer Park Boys to describe the trouble that is expected to foil the boys plans.
1)Jim: A shit storm's a brewing, Randy, a shit storm's a brewing.
2)Jim: Bubbles, there's gonna be a shit blizzard.
#shiit #trailer #park #boys #trailer park boys #jim #lahey
作者 benormous 2006年4月23日
South Harmon Institute of Technology
In the movie Accepted,the fake college was called shit
#shit #sandwiches #shitheads #brown #college
作者 Samkid 2006年12月23日
microsoft windows, also used to describe any other microsoft product.
microsoft shits in a box and people buy it.
#crap #manure #shit #microsoft #windows
作者 sia 2005年10月05日


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