Australian slang for a beat up- rust eaten- fall apart type of car. ie a datsun 180b.
Dan's bloody shit box broke down again...
作者 i own a shit box 2004年11月03日
butthole or butt region
He tongue jacked her shit box
作者 bm 2003年11月10日
Any vehicle,(even a brand new one) that you are forced to use for commuting while something much more entertaining sits in the garage waiting for the weekend.
I wish I was driving my GTO instead of this SHITBOX.
作者 tractorfix 2003年12月06日
Ass, posterior, concentrating mostly on the anus/rectum. Where the feces (poop) comes out. The Storage area for Feces. Thus a "storage box' for feces.

Shit Box
"After all that tequiila and Hot Sauce I will need to install a new "shit Box"

"So it slipped out of her vagina and before I new it i was up to my balls in her "shit Box".
作者 Morbog 2004年9月27日
Any apartment in Manhattan less than 400 sqft, for which you are paying more than $1250.
I make 80 grand, but all I can afford is this shitbox near the entrance to the Jersey turnpike.
作者 Slappy 2005年4月07日
The cat's litter box
Geesh dude, that Shitbox stinks!!!!
作者 Shawn 2003年7月26日
a brash description of one's asshole.
"damn honey, u really smashed my shit box this morning."
作者 VinDeisel 2009年5月08日



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