An adjective synonymous with: Dope; awesome; rad; bad; badass.

Describes a good experience.
That movie was shitty. Those kicks are shitty man, where you get em?
作者 Matador of Funk 2011年1月19日
Simply a U-turn made while in a vehicle.
"We missed our turn, we need to whip a shitty!"
作者 Lateralus_923 2009年10月29日
Adjective describing a state of extreme drunkenness.
1: Are we going to get drunk tonight?
2: Man, we're going to get shitty!
作者 Mankoff 2008年5月05日
First said by the infamous dick. Well known in Southern Ontario. The informal and cute way of saying shit. Otherwise known as the plural form of shit.
作者 Sdawgsarehot 2011年6月04日 of being sorry at something such as a sport, or just sucking at things.
girl: i play basketball
boy: bet you shitty as fuck
作者 newman_ichy 2006年7月30日
Shitties are made when a man squates over a female's chest and drops a steaming hot deuce in between the woman's boobs. Then, the woman proceeds to rub the fecal matter all over her titties.
作者 A_Trent and B_Frank 2013年12月06日
big fat black girl tits
Damn look at the shitties on her!
作者 dboyfromdahood 2011年11月22日



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