an informal form of shit
oh shitties, she just queffed
作者 PLAYA P 02 2004年1月13日
Old style VCRs made by Microsoft
作者 Anonymous 2003年9月13日
(adj): stupid,lame, or scanless, especially due to smoking SHIT
We looked so shitty after being tweeked out for a week straight.
You're so shitty, I should call you Shitty McShitter.
Everyone knows that Santa Paula is a shitty ass town!
作者 D'BO 2003年10月22日
Contraction of shoulder titties. The area anywhere between the shoulders and the titties.
Dude don't shitty slap me!
After weightlifting, my shitties began to ache.

I didn't get to the titties, but I got to the shitties.

Have you ever been shitty fucked by a contortionist?
作者 #yolosweg 2014年11月13日



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