A Yiddish word meaning facial dirt, oil or greese
I am your Momma, come over here so I can lick my finger and rub the shmutz off of your face
#dirt #crud #oil #dirty #greesy
作者 PozzyMoto 2006年10月15日
Top Definition
Unidentifiable globule of something or other
You've got some shmutz on your shirt
作者 chanklas 2004年6月30日
Anything that is considered clutter/trash that is visually unappealing. Usually found in a classroom setting and are things like paper fuzzies or crumbs.
Hey Goobers! Before you go I want all of these shmutz picked up NOW! I swear, I will kill all of you dead, do it!
#trash #clutter #unappealing #crumbs #shmutzs
作者 The Buzzsaw 2012年2月24日
The best cover band in Durham, NC. Band members include Bryan Cox, Gideon and Conor Chickos, and Matt McLaughlin. Covers include songs by The Beatles and ELO, among others.
"Hey, have you heard that new band Shmutz? Those guys rock!"
#the beatles #durham #bryan cox #cover band #elo
作者 Frank Weiler 2010年2月08日
The sand that is in your vagina when you do the scandinavian axel stall
Hey Stephen, why did you give Jordan shmutz last night. It left her with a serious rash.
#shmutz #barino #sexy #sex positions #honkie #honky #loosy
作者 Chris Dittmore 2006年9月20日
as told me by my science teacher who once taught in a jewish school; the extra skin around the penis after circumcision
Smutz is the same as a shmuck
作者 jmlandis 2005年3月13日


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