the sound that happens when u rip a jonny off your wang
Dude! Take the paiiin!
作者 buttsauce Mcgee 2004年1月29日
the sounds made by juveniles when describing the act of fist fighting.
"he hit that bitch, and it was like shtick... shtick! im tellin you, he jacked that succa up!"
作者 jimis axis 2004年1月22日
the stupid image that you have of yourself. you self obsessed dick.
i can't be involved in that, it's not my shtick.
作者 belle 2004年1月22日
Another way fo saying shit, so your mom wont yell at you
You smell like shtick
作者 mrsmellybelly 2005年3月29日
1)Present tense of the word "shtuck".
2)The male reproductive wang.
I shtuck my shtick in the hole.
作者 justin 2004年2月03日
a bunch of bullshit someone trys to feed you
man thats a bunch of shtick
作者 j-man 2003年8月21日



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