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A name commonly used to describe someone who is in power or powerful, and is suprerior to anyone who calls themself manly.
He must be Sid coz he's as powerful as a God
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作者 The writer 2006年6月06日
Epicness. Win, something good. Other name for playboy succes. Almost all girls love the Sid, however, because a Sid is someone in great power they might be afraid to say hi. But a Sid loves Girls and will always be willing to have a nice time with them. Sid is also a male name, shortened from Sidney, which is a unisex name.


1. A Sid is someone that is very intelligent.

2. A Sid sit in a great position of power.

3. Sid loves girls, and are often not afraid to say hello or flirt.

4. A Sid might not be strong (Just average, or less - more) but he is perfect with computers. Might not play games all day.

5. He easily makes the girl he wants fall in love with him. Easily.

6. People obey him and he's very popular. He doesn't need to wear cool clothes because we all know he is the best anyways.

7. He is perfect in bed.

8. Not homosexual.

9. A Sid often does ironic jokes about himself, not to be confused he is just joking.

10. Sid loves girls asses... So if you, ladies, are trying to flirt with a Sid, please style with your ass for him.

11. Sid loves hugs and kisses. From females, of course.
Sid is soo nice he has all the girls and he is in great power... one day i might become one.
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作者 sushilover:3 2012年2月21日
Sid is awesome. Here you have him, he is know to be really hot, and dominant. Sid is powerful - sit in a great place of power and mainly have the chance to get any chick he likes.
He is also known to be very sexy.

Since Sid is someone like stated above, people use it to describe something awesome or an awesome/sexy/cool person.
Melanie: I banged Sid yesterday. It was something I will never forget. Wonderful.

Ann: I'm so jealous!! You are lucky to have a sexy Sid.

Mike: He has a lot of girls, you know.


Other example:

Sarah: Who is that guy? I never seen something like that... He's so sexy, I just want to blowjob him right over!

Liza: He must be a Sid.
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作者 Gargamel99 2012年1月08日
I hope your newborn sons gets SIDS
作者 The Malibu Knight 2004年10月12日
The word for succes, sexiness, also word for dominant, maybe even win in some places. You are a Sid if you sit in great power - you could also be a Sid if you are very attractive and get the girl you want.

A Sid is someone a girl simply falls in love with in less than a second. A Sid can be playboy easily, since he is attractive.

Bill Gates is a Sid, Barack Obama is a Sid, too, but they aren't really playboys. A Sid might refer in some times as a succesful business man, who is simply very street smart. Sid is also a male name.
Example 1, great power, Playboy:
Jim: How come you got two girls in just... Two days? You must be a Sid now!

Sid: I always been a Sid. Pussy is like breakfast to me, I get it everyday. Obey me.

Example 2, for win:

Bart: How about we make a rocket with mentos and diet coke?

Sam: Awwww YEAAAAH... That's gonna be Sid!!
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作者 Urdo78 2012年4月28日
Self Induced Drama Syndrom (SIDS): When an individual percieves there to be a problem and causes all other s around them to be miserable for absolutly no reason.
My mother was very upset and yelled at me and my wife and my wife yelled at me and I let them know they had a bad case of SIDS
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作者 reagleh 2010年11月05日
Slut In Denial. You know that bitch that be taken all the dick but tells her girls "nah girl i'm not taken all the dick."
Brian: "Yo, I totally just fucked Christine last night!"
Mike: "Yo, me too!"
Brian: "Yo, she said my dick was the only one she be taken."
Mike: "Nah man, that bitch is a S.I.D."
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作者 Joel Wanger 2012年7月26日


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