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A person who is generally worthless, but will bring a smile to your face if they get pushed down the stairs.
James Dobson is a slinky.
作者 Wadatah 2005年8月19日
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Toys that were metal but are now plastic and not nearly as cool.
It Slinky, It's Slinky
the favorite of girls and boys.
作者 rastavirgil 2006年10月12日
Pulling off a god-like move in tetris
*Mel puts the tetramino down in a tough position and clears 4 rows at once* "My gosh that was slinky!"
作者 wannabetetrisgod 2010年6月09日
ultimate toy
It's SLinky!
作者 mephisto 2003年5月28日
A dick
this girl is up on my slinky
作者 buzz626 2010年6月02日
Adj: Slutty and kinky. Right Ke$ha!???

Adj: To be sexually whoreish, yet slightly awkward when being so
Dang.... she is so slinky. or Her slinkiness caught my eye.
作者 modishlyhip 2011年11月01日
Used as a noun to describe someone that is basically good for nothing but puts a smile on your face if you push them down a flight of stairs.
"I've heard of new guys but this crew has a lot of slinkys in it. It's gonna be a long day."
作者 teenez69er 2012年7月09日



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