1. acronym for "smoke me out pussy". Usually used in text messaging or other type of text communications to encourage someone who always shys away from sharing their weed to share their abudance of weed by smoking you out.

2. Strategically utilizes the word "pussy" as the last word in the acronym in hopes that the person, "S.M.O.P." is being said to, will smoke you out just to prove they are not a pussy.
1. Yo dog my check aint gonna clear for a another 2 days and i know you got plently of kush on deck, you think you can S.M.O.P.?

2. Everytime we kick it man we always smoke up my stash, next time we kick it you better S.M.O.P.!
#s.m.o. #smoke me out #smop #smoke out #blaze
作者 chunkerz 2010年11月28日
Top Definition
verb, to suck one's one phallus

etymology: derived from the phrase "sucking my own penis," smopping describes the act of self-fellatio in males
person 1: What are you doing in there? Are you masturbating?
person 2: No, I'm smopping! Sucking my own penis.
#fellatio #masturbation #smoping #smap #smod #somp
作者 Smop 2005年12月10日
Small matter of programming or Simple matter of programming -- your problem is not solved by existing software, but you should be able to write software to solve the problem yourself.

Sometimes used humorously to describe a hard problem that the speaker pretends is easy.
Q: How do I get my computer to respond to speech commands?
A: Pull the sound off the sound card via /dev/audio and the rest is a SMOP. :-)
#smop #programming #humor #acronym #software
作者 Chris Dolan 2007年9月30日
meaning sweet mother of pearl
ohh smop, do i have to do everything by myself?!
#mother #pearl #sweet #short #word
作者 tinasaur! 2009年6月30日
combination of sweep and mop, it's an attempt to pick up all of the dirt on the floor with just the mop to skip the step of sweeping.
Manager:Are you going to clean the floor soon?
Employee:I'll make it quick and smop it up.
Manager:It better not look like crap!
#sweep #mop #quick #speed #fast #rush #hurry #mcdonald's #mcdonalds #janitor #dumjob #dumbjob
作者 constromlie 2008年11月23日
Sexy Make-Out Party
Hey boo, wanna smop by the second floor vending machine after indian club?
#smop #sexymakeoutparty #smp #rohit #sop #indian club
作者 Jabbey 2011年4月27日


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