a group of three or more red-heads. originated with the term "ginger snaps"
Check out that snap of gingers over by the pub!
作者 squirrelpie 2009年6月12日
Sex and a nap
I really need some SNAP before we go out tonight.
作者 Kaiser Roll 2009年1月17日
Origin: Encnitas, Ca

1. To smoke a bowl of marijuana thorugh in one hit.
" You wanna snap this bowl?"
作者 Rock818 2005年6月03日
Mid afternoon when one goes for a nap with their partner. The S reflects sexual intercourse before the nap takes place.
Shall we have a SNAP darling?
作者 Laddotelli 2013年5月13日
sex and a nap.
I'm gonna go snap with my boyfriend before this test.

I have just enough time for some snap before work.
作者 SmugOrphan 2012年4月26日
Longer than a nap & shorter than a sleep
Sleeping for more than two hours, but less than six= snap
作者 Dwainlg 2012年1月25日
A nap when you are really really tired, so tired that you accidentally say snap instead of nap. Something only younger children get to do, usually grade 4th and 5h.
where are all the children? they are snapping
作者 meagancolleen 2011年6月15日



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