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white squiggly liquid which causes your life to be ruined when reaches womans egg
Paternity test shows that your sperm pregnated that white ass bitch.
作者 Mike Cunt 2003年4月10日
Most of you are describing semen. Sperm is the male reproductive cell (the tadpole thing), semen refers to the ejaculate, which has sperm in it.
Sperm fertilizes an egg.
Semen is manly cum.
作者 Tragicalrocker 2003年11月14日
a bad ass tadpole that's gotta be corralled in a rubber
Duuuuude... my sperm is growing legs!
作者 Anonymous 2003年4月29日
Baby maker!
im ur baby! dont eat me!
作者 kid 2004年3月22日
Street slang for penis pudding.
Sperm came out of my penis.
作者 Joey Orgler 3 2008年2月07日
Something really fun to play with during sex, especially right after giving a blow-job and it's still in your mouth.
Why swallow the fun away?
作者 Raspberry (lust) muffin 2004年11月16日
n. pluralization of sperm that acknowledges the proper respect and appreciation for the unique individuality and courageous fortitude of each little swimmer
As the sperms of Marcus catapulted from his sausage pistol like roundhouse kicks from Chuck Norris, he cried: "Swim! Swim bravely and courageously, my million different unique and individual sperms! While there is no I in TEAM, only one of you may claim the prize!"
作者 Nearly Normal 2009年1月21日



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