start the fun unicorns
dude, just stfu.
作者 sarahpenaliesss 2010年2月10日
1.Acronym for SHUT THE F*** UP
2.For same thing for u
1.Joe:Hahaha you suck!
Joe:No u

2.Remma:Your lookin' hot
Jake:stfu too
作者 spike09 2009年11月14日
Stuff That's Fun Usually.
Canned goods and hitting little kids is STFU.
作者 fruitsmakemehungry. 2009年8月21日
Shave the furious Unicorn
Bill: STFU!

Jill: WHAT?!

Bill: *points to an angry unicorn* Shave it. It's furious
作者 MusicEmo 2010年6月14日
An acronym for Shut The Fuck Up. The illiterate mass that uses this seems to conveniently fail to realize that acronyms do not include a "T" for the article "the".
"If you ain't got nothing nice to say, then STFU."

"That's a double-negative."

"Huh, why do you speak in gibberish?"
作者 Killa Clownz 2008年11月05日
Comes From Shut The Fuck Up
Guy 1: Why are you being a pussy today?
Guy 2: STFU!
作者 Andrew Mister 2008年2月18日
abbreviation for shut the f*ck up.


shut the f*ck up dude.
no you stop tickling furry unicorns!
man, just stfu, stfu.
作者 jujujuju100982563009lol 2013年7月09日



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