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Someone who prefers to allow things of seeming enjoyment pass them by

Someone who prefers to "stick" (stay, remain) in the "mud" (a metaphor for despression and unhappiness)

derived from "to stick in the mud" ..
The time has come to thicken the blood //
and make no mistake i'm a stick in the mud //
作者 adhesives 2003年4月27日
a stuffy, old fashioned person
Your uncle is such a stick in the mud.
作者 The Return of Light Joker 2011年8月14日
A person who is dull and unadventurous and who resists change.

Her fun-loving boyfriend had become her stick-in-the-mud husband.
作者 bonmot58 2012年12月05日
Giving someone anal sex.
I was stirring the tuna casserole when I popped-out and accidentally gave her a stick in the mud.
作者 RNPS 2008年5月26日
Huy is the epitome of this.
some one who does not watch football.
作者 megs 2005年1月23日
when somebody takes a dump on their hand,gets a boner and jacks off using the shit as lubricant
"i got a stick in the mud from stephanie booth"
作者 bryan newell 2004年6月20日
Is a nickname for gay sex
John and Obama were doing the stick in the mud routine, when i opened the door.
作者 JoeJoe860 2008年8月07日



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