Siesta Time Old Pal
John: Man, I'm so tired, from studying so hard, I can't go on

any further!

Tom: Well then STOP, catch some Zs!

John: Thanks, "si - es - ta" just the solution I was looking for.
作者 perkybird 2010年11月05日
Do it when you don't want to hear someone talking or,it is really corny.
omg dude i went to the mall and...

Dude i can get billions and millions of girls.
Reply just STOP.
作者 Tay burgos 2008年7月12日
the opposite of go, to cease movement
She was so scared that her heart stopped.
作者 Lacie 2003年8月18日
cork slang ... stop, meaning you know or agree
i was so tired after that walk .... reply .. aw stop ! , so was i
作者 j.hurley 2012年8月09日
opposite of Play
push play on the porns
作者 Winnie The Shit 2003年11月28日
step twice on peddle
Mr. Officer i did just what the stop sign said, step twice on peddle.
作者 sixburghfan 2011年8月01日
to quit whatever your doing that is unnecessary and/or doesn't need to be seen done in public; the meaning is related to the "stop" sign, which has cars stop on the road, but if most cars don't, they get T-boned
Cortez: Dude, look at Shelby and Lindsey, the married couple.

Jamie: I know, they need to stop, don't they
作者 goolp fish 2009年11月01日



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