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1)a word meaning "the awesomest person ever, whom I love", Nick
I love talkign to my sweetums. he rocks my face off
作者 helen 2004年8月14日
A name given between two people in love to show their love to eachother!
Ryan: Sweetums, 143!

Brittney: Awwwhh! Sweetums, 1743!
#sweetums #schookums #love #brittney #ryan
作者 Schookums 2010年8月13日
Babe, sweety, baby
I love you so much you are my sweetums.
#babe #baby #sweety #babes #love
作者 The big cat zackkkkjk 2010年10月18日
Means the same as Sweet Ass...but you can say it at work and you won't get in trouble for sexual harassment.
You got that report done and you exceeded the deadline...
Sweet A!
#great #awesome #incredible #that's sweet #fantastical
作者 EnuhCork 2006年3月24日
A male who has no balls, self-respect, or guts. One who is dominated by some female, normally a buffarilla or beefalodon, who can't do anything without her permission or guidance.

The reverse of a male from Gorean Society.
"Milhous": "May I go to poker night tonight honey?"

The buffarilla: "Get your ass back in here and fold my "HUGE" panties!"

"Milhous": "yes dear......."
作者 T&E 2005年8月16日


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