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an abbreviation of thanks
"hey sis heres your washing, i got it off the line coz it looks like rain"
sister replies ,"tah"
作者 carmelinac 2008年6月12日
Tah is the first word spoken by man. It was an expression of excitement.
A primitive man sees a beautiful primitive woman and expresses his excitement with the now famous word: "Tah"

A primitive and very hungry hunter sees a mammoth, runs back to his friends and screams 'TAH!' to let them know that he saw something delicious.
作者 Nightbreed666 2009年4月30日
A word that embodies all exclamation; an exclamatory interjection.
John: So, how was your evening last night?
Rick: I got laid with a fat chick.
John: Tah!
作者 Sifo Dyas 2007年3月22日
TAH T.A.H. or tah is an acronym for That's Actually Hilarious.
hahaha tah!" "lol tah
作者 Joshua T. :) 2011年1月25日
Nickname of the NSW Waratahs rugby team
The bloody Tah's have choked again.. oh well there's always next year.
作者 Tahy McTahTah 2005年3月19日
Code name for marijuana
Tell me bro, would you like some tah?
作者 Hannibal Cannabis 2011年10月12日
Nickname of the NSW Waratahs
The bloody Tah's have choked again.. oh well.
作者 Tahy McTahTah 2005年3月19日



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