Used to describe someone who gets at fat girls.
Is Reese tanking that tank?
作者 Le Boots 2008年2月24日
In dotA, using your hero to absorb enemy damage.

Effective when pushing, a tanker can absorb large amounts of damage while the rest of the team can focus on killing the enemy heroes.
Pudge: Look at the lvl 1 fv tanking those creeps. What a nub.
Faceless Void: stfu fattie, b0w dwn! 11! one!


Faceless Void: 1 HoT and 2 Butterflies. I'm a tank.
Pudge: I'm so damn fat.
作者 jschmidty89 2008年1月20日
When its a race to get to the bathroom after your stomach has been hurting so bad and taking the biggest shit possible.
*he runs to the bathroom*
Dude2: O my god hes tanking in my bathroon ....
作者 Mark-Shadows 2009年10月30日
This refers to a player in a computer game that is gaining excess hitpoints and armour, thereby being more difficult to eliminate by his/her enemies
I don't want to fight with my character yet. I would be tanking my hero instead
作者 Hungynguyen 2008年1月22日
to perform fellatio.
im tanking my boyfriend tonight!
作者 imapriest 2009年4月13日
Doing so poorly as to be in the toilet
Boy, my team is really tanking today!
作者 Janet Pinter 2008年1月20日
to be physically abused or beaten.
"her ma gave her a right tanking when she got home"

"i tanked that bitch"
作者 gemma the llama 2008年1月20日


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