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A thief.
"Hey, that bastard just tea leafed my wallet".
作者 Dick Splash 2003年8月17日
Rhyming slang for "thief"
That tea leaf half-inched me wallet.
#half inch #rip off #five finger discount #shoulder surf #shoulder surfing
作者 P. Brain 2006年8月31日
Thief. From cockney rhyming slang.
"Oi!!! Get back 'ere you 'kin tealeaf!!"
作者 killer whale 2005年4月07日
Classic Cockney/Australian rhyming slang for "thief". Direct antonym would be an honest fellow.
"Some tea-leaf nicked (stole) my cash!"
#thief #steal #rhyming slang #cockney #honest
作者 Tristan MacAvery 2006年6月22日
Rhyming slang for a thief
Where's my pencil gone? You've got it, you tea leaf!
#jew #yid #thief #swipe #take
作者 soreofhing 2009年7月05日
A thief (from Cavan, mean cavan bastards)
gareth game into the class and took emma's book but it was emma's, emma said gareth you tealeaf give me back my book i saw ya, ya prick
作者 Emma 2004年10月19日
Means thief, but is often shortened to 'teaf'.
"I aint no chav - I didin't teaf these creps"
作者 Chrissy P 2005年5月20日


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