Someone who takes things too seriously, to an obnoxious and degrading level. Commonly found around 2D Fighters, Super Smash Bros., Wikipedia, and other things one could tech out to.
Chill, techer. You'll start counting frames in your sleep if you don't lay off the controller.
作者 Chronomaster K 2007年3月20日
Top Definition
Techers is an exclamation usd to congratulate someone on a display of great technique.

pronounced "tekers"
your friend jut scored an amazing goal in soccer, you exclaim " techers!!!"
作者 chw0112 2009年12月16日
A tech teacher or techie.
I don't know how to opperate this compooter. I'll have to go get help from the local techer.
作者 w00tw00t 2003年4月05日
A student at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
Some techers pranked MIT again!
作者 Ahdhfhdiifjcjejejdh 2015年10月21日


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