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When u grab your sack and squeeze forcing your balls to go tight against the skin, causeing THE BRAIN!!!
作者 J-dawg 2005年1月01日
the grabbing around the top of a mans balls, creating two lumps, thus "the brain"
I was going to eat that 3 bean soup, until Nick gave me the brain.
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作者 NickX901 2006年4月17日
A super-smart talking mouse from cartoon animaniacs.

Do they still make that show? I haven't seen it on TV in the last seven years.
Pinky and the brain, Pinky and the brain, one is a genius, the others' insane!
作者 Gumba Gumba 2004年4月08日
the art of grasping the top of your ballsack and squeezing the testes outwards until your little friends resemble a brain.
I cant believe Bobby gave you the brain last night, disgusting!
#nutsqueeze #nutsack #choadhat #balls #sack
作者 chuckles09 2007年5月30日
Grab your balls very tightly so that they squeeze together forming the image of....a brain. Then show it to another straight male and call him a fag and kick him in the ass twice.
Male 1: (pulls out testicals and squeezes them together) "hey Male 2, look over here."

Male 2: (looks) "AWWW DUDE!!!"

Male 1: "THE BRAINS!!!! OMG you are such a FAG!! BEND OVER."
#brains #the brains #gay #straight #game
作者 Jiub 2006年6月01日
Word used to describe a highly annoying per who knows everthing, or rather thinks they know everything. Will even dispute what a person of higher knowledge is saying
Sally: The sky is blue

Helen: I think you will actually find it's red, thats a fact

John: Typical of The Brain...
#annoying #fat #retard #brain #the
作者 John6690 2008年1月31日
a slang term for oral sex
Them sluts on da corner are gettin brain
作者 D 2005年3月16日


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