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Middle of nowhere, beyond the outskirts of town.
The place we were headed was out in the sticks, so we didn't expect there to be much else around it.
#sticks #rural #bucolic #middle of nowhere #buttfuck eqypt
作者 FawazP 2006年11月05日
1) A device, either given or not, used for rescuing young boys who have fallen on one's ice lawn.
2) Strong Bad and The Cheat's most favorite meeting place/hangout.
Give him the stick....DON'T GIVE HIM THE STICK!
作者 SpookyTree 2004年4月14日
The number one hang-out spot for Homestar, Strong Bad and the gang. Broken by Strong Bad after he gave it a hi-five.
"Just hanging out at The Stick, lookin' at a thing in a bag."
作者 Me. Who else?! 2003年9月12日
Punishment, opprobrium; usually undeserved.
"It's not fair - he acts like a knob and I get the stick for it."
作者 Will_A 2005年8月17日
A street slang name for an AK-47 assault rifle, also known as a "chopper" or "yopper".

Most commonly used to refer to an illegally owned AK-47, usually owned by a drug dealer.
Cop: "Why did you kill 'D-bo'?"
Suspect: "Man, D-bo stole the stick. Why D-bo gotta steal my stick man?"
#ak-47 #chopper #assault rifle #yopper #slang #automatic
作者 Dirtyblazer09 2011年9月21日
its the wooden tree-like companion of strong bad. his quality time with the stick on labor day is cut short by a decapitation
"oh, sorry about that the stick"
作者 kabobbhouz 2003年9月12日
another, less insulting word for penis
I love to put the stick into Jessica's hole
#dick #cock #penis #fuck #vagina
作者 *Mister*Cocker* 2009年5月31日


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