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A non-independent bitch. A female who always rely on her man for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, always having her hand out for gifts and money. Always asking for something.
Damn Kim a "Thirsty Bitch" always asking her man for something.
作者 Vally J 2011年6月01日
A cock whore. A girl who will suck your dick till blood comes out.
The thirsty bitch crammed two cocks in her mouth and swallowed the cum.
作者 urban pervert 2003年3月29日
Greedy People
Man...look at all these Thirsty Bitches after my shit.
作者 Slam_i_am 2003年3月10日
a female that is buggin' for a beer
damn there were some thirsty bitches at the club last night
作者 Scott 2003年3月29日
1. a male/female who hates on an individual because of their clothes, money, or style.
Shane is a thirsty-bitch towards Jamie.
作者 DeShantia Ballard 2007年3月23日


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