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A man of "high stature" in a suit. Perceptively snobby.
"I sold my soul to a three piece and he told me I was holy."
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作者 Gillenium 2015年9月17日
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A combination of three punches in quick succession.
One quick three-piece and the fight was done
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作者 jjthekid 2008年3月06日
A different name for a pistol. Usually a Glock 17, a pistol used by most gangsters.
Guy 1:Yo shut up or i'll pull a three piece

Guy 2:Wow calm down
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作者 The Jizz Master 2012年4月01日
Term referring to your dick and balls.
Man when I put that three piece on her, she was crying for more.
P.s.:you can also say "3 piece".
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作者 King's Throne 2014年2月08日
the act of a female sucking your dick, tickling your balls and licking the guch (spot in between the ballsack and bootyhole)
denise was giving me the three piece but she got to close to the bootyhole, so I had to slap a bitch.
#four piece #dirty sanchez #cincinnati bowtie #dick lick #nut fuck #booty breach
作者 KrazyKrackerKyle 2009年10月17日
A term sometimes used to refer to conmen, due to the stereotype of a slick-looking man in a three piece suit. The term isn't gender-specific, but most people seem to use it to indicate a conman (versus the usually more feminine term "grifter").
Three piece also implies that the conman (or woman) was high-class among the stealing trade, or acted and dressed as a rich person to inspire the confidence necessary to the con.
"I invested my money, but it turned out my broker was a three piece."
"I gave that three piece every penny I had and he stole all of it!"
作者 sininblue 2016年5月28日


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