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A punch to the face, immediately followed through with an elbow to the same spot.
- Me!
- Oh, that was a good one.
- Thanks, heres another one. *WHACK!*
- nice, keep'em comin!
- No, my elbow hurts.
#throwing #boes #throwin #bows #throw
作者 Rudager08 2008年1月31日
Fighting with someone or just fighting in general
man that nigga was throwin bows hard as hell man
作者 Tha Hit Man 2005年6月08日
Excessive use of the elbows either for fighting, rebounding in basketball, or keeping individuals away from your food.
This guy was throwin bows on the court and caught me in the dome. I bled profusely.
#elbow #elbows #elbowing #fighting #boards #rebounding
作者 EvilBurrito202 2012年12月27日
A term used to describe complete success in an activity. Not to be mistaken for the physical action of "throwing elbows" in a fight. The term is usually proceeded by the physical action of throwing an elbow in the air.
"He was throwin' bows at that exam."

"She threw so many bows at that audition."

"I'll be throwin' bows at my interview."
#dummied #pwnd #run train #raped #dominated #destroyed
作者 Luke,Mike,Mitch Queen's Sci'13 2010年2月16日
When you hit someone or something with elbows because it is necessary regardless of the situation or reason. -originally used by Joshua West
Soup at a restaurant is slightly below what an acceptable level would be considered. " Fuck this shit, I'm throwin bows. "
#throw bows #elbows #throwing elbows #throwing bows #bow
作者 Bloosteev 2013年11月05日
1.wat I do to win my Track and X-Country races
2.In simpler terms for yuor real
dumb ass goblins out throwing elbows-
On dat last straight-a-way I busted that fuckers grill, Im the master of throwin bows, Bitches
作者 crunk as a skunk 2004年10月20日


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