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to give a handjob think about it
erin tickled my pickle for a nickel
作者 bud 2005年3月30日
A saying used to describe when a women "tickles" a man's penis.
Dude, do you think Jessica would tickle my pickle?!
作者 Evbrez 2007年1月20日
You make me laugh.
You: Chris you tickle my pickle
Chris:Dude that's gay
You:No it's not it means you make me laugh
作者 Bacon120 2015年7月01日
Metaphor for cheering someone up.
Hey, can you tickle my pickle? I'm feeling down today
作者 iEx Shinzai 2014年11月30日
Something that excites you, platonically.
A: The circus is coming in to town.

B: Oo, that doesn't half tickle my pickle!
作者 lobsterfish 2012年10月23日



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