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to give a handjob think about it
erin tickled my pickle for a nickel
作者 bud 2005年3月30日
A saying used to describe when a women "tickles" a man's penis.
Dude, do you think Jessica would tickle my pickle?!
作者 Evbrez 2007年1月20日
You make me laugh.
You: Chris you tickle my pickle
Chris:Dude that's gay
You:No it's not it means you make me laugh
作者 Bacon120 2015年7月01日
1. When you ask a girl to play with your dick during school.
ima get her to tickle my pickle bro!!
作者 don donjuan 2016年5月11日
Something that excites you, platonically.
A: The circus is coming in to town.

B: Oo, that doesn't half tickle my pickle!
作者 lobsterfish 2012年10月23日


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